The Country of Belize

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On the northeastern coast of Central America lies the small country of Belize. Flanked by the countries of Mexico and Guatemala, Belize covers an area of 8,867 square miles. It is the only country in the area that makes use of English as its national language, having been originally a part of the British Empire. It is the most sparsely populate country in the area.

Before the founding of the country, the area in what is now Belize was a part of the Mayan civilization almost 5000 years ago. Early villages and towns in the area survived on a stable trade of corn, peppers, and other crops. Over time, the area became heavily fortified to defend the Yucatan Peninsula; this was strong enough to discourage Spanish settlers from colonizing the area in the 16th century.


Things to Do in Belize

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Belize is known for its flourishing tourist trade. The tropical climate is relaxing during the summertime. The Belize Barrier Reef and the numerous islands that lie offshore offer spots for fishing, diving, boating, and almost any other water recreational activity. Miles and miles of rivers that range in intensity from quiet and deep flows, to class VI whitewater rapids that can challenge the most experienced of rafters and canoeists. These are just a few things to do in the country of Belize.


Unexplained Pain

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It is already 7am and it is a workday. I woke up with itchy armpits and that is a sign that I need to take a bath. I laughed at my thoughts and then I tried to get up, but I had a hard time because I feel soreness on my back and some pain in right arm. I told myself that I would try to get up again in a minute, but I could not. I finally decided to call my boss, Mrs. Wegner about my condition and she understood where I am coming from. I told her that I would try to get up later for an appointment with a doctor. She wished me luck and she reminded me to take care of myself.

As I am lying in bed, I tried to remember what caused my condition and I really cannot. I thought to myself that I just got it because I have been working way too hard for the last few months. I badly need a long vacation and I just cannot wait about it because I already filed last week for a week long paid vacation leave for next month. It took me two to three times before I could stand up and I called my best friend Elsa about my condition. I asked her if she has time to pick me up and accompany me to the doctor because I could not stand up straight. She is so worried about me and she told me that she does not have any scheduled appointments after lunch. She added that she would pick me up and I thanked her. She also asked me if I already have eaten something. I told her that I did even though I did not because I do not want her to come instantly, because she still have obligations to her patients. Taking her afternoon off is already too much already, but I do not have a choice because I cannot make myself go to the hospital alone.

At exactly 12 noon, Elsa came with food and she let me eat first. She asked me if I have already taken a bath because I stink. I told her that I could not, so she just got me a wet towel to wipe my face, body and feet. She asked me if I could walk with her assistance and I told her that we could try. It was hard because I walked like a hunchback. It took me a couple of minutes before I could properly get into Elsa’s car.

We went directly to the hospital and she asked a hospital staff to kindly get me a wheelchair because I find it hard to walk. I told the doctor about the unexplained pain in my arm and my back. He told me that I need to get a blood test and if there are no findings in the blood test, I could also undergo MRI or CT scan. I am so worried about myself and I am glad that I have Elsa right here on my side.

A Look into Shoulder Subluxation

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During high school there was this student that I thought was extraordinary. She could willingly dislocate her shoulder and then put it back in place. Her formula was quite simple, place both hands behind her back and hold them together, pull them upwards towards her head, and then you’d hear a slight pop in the shoulder. This way, the hands would move over her head easily. The funny thing is that after that stunt her shoulders would simply slip back in place. Sure that stunt won her many fans but I wouldn’t have tried it.

But by the time we were in our last year of high school, she frequently complained of pain in left shoulder. Upon visiting the doctor, she found out that she had loose ligaments in her shoulder joint and through physiotherapy, was able to regain full shoulder strength.

After finding out what condition she had, I understood that it was the reason why her shoulder was so flexible. However, I knew that she couldn’t possibly completely dislocate her shoulder joint and walk away smiling. So I looked into what she was doing.

Rather than dislocate her shoulder joint, what was actually happening is shoulder subluxation. It’s quite similar to shoulder dislocation but in this case it’s partial and temporary.

Subluxation is usually caused by instability of the shoulder joint. This instability can be caused by different factors including the following.

First, it can be caused by general looseness of the ligaments connecting joints. It’s usually genetic and people with this condition are often termed as double jointed. This was the case in my schoolmate.

Second, it can be caused by direct trauma to the shoulder joint. This can be caused by falling onto an outstretched arm, abnormal twisting of the shoulder joint and a direct blow to the shoulder joint.

Third, a previous injury to the shoulder that resulted in loosening of the shoulder ligaments can also cause shoulder instability. In such instances, subluxation can occur during normal activities such as lifting a load.

Some of the symptoms associated to subluxation of the shoulder include the following.

  • A feeling that the shoulder has gone out of place and then returns to place. This is usually accompanied by a popping sound.
  • Weakness and numbness in the affected arm.
  • Shoulder instability.
  • Pain ranging in severity during subluxation.

Treating subluxation involves relieving pain and returning the shoulder joint back to stability. The following procedures are carried out.

The first thing to do is to apply ice to the shoulder joint. This helps to relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation. Ice should be applied for a couple of minutes at a time. Besides using ice, you can also take over the counter drugs such as ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and pain.

The next thing to do is to rest the shoulder joint. Avoid activities which would aggravate the pain or cause further instability. Rest also helps to promote the healing process. Wearing a shoulder strap will help.

Third, exercise the shoulder joint to strengthen it. The exercises however be done under the direction of a physiotherapist to prevent further injury.

Can Middle Back Pain Be A Symptom Of A Serious Health Condition?

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I was reading a story recently on the internet concerning a woman who had suffered from bladder infection for most of her life. Now in her 40s, she has to empty her bladder using a catheter and her future is uncertain. The main reason why her condition wasn’t detected early is that it presented itself as middle back pain, like what they describe at As such, her every visit to the doctor only left her going home with pain relievers which didn’t address the underlying condition. This story is shared by millions of people who experience back pain which is symptomatic of an underlying health condition without knowing.

Pain in the middle of the back is usually associated with muscle strain and injury to the back. However, its advisable to visit your doctor if you have pain in the middle of the back since it can be a signal of an underlying and even life threatening condition. Some of the conditions tied to pain in the middle back include the following.

Kidney stones

This is a condition caused by the development of mineral crystals in the kidney. The kidneys can grow quite large and cause pain in the mid back. Other symptoms of this condition include pain in the abdomen and frequent urination which might have traces of blood.

Interstitial cystitis

This is the condition the aforementioned woman was suffering from. This condition affects the lining of the bladder slowly eroding it. It’s one of the conditions whose symptoms is back pain on the right side and constant urination.

Pancreatitis and cancer of the pancreas

These two conditions affect the pancreas where the latter involves inflammation of the pancreas to a point where it digests itself. Cancer on the hand involves abnormal cell reproduction in the organ. Besides these two, development of gallstones can also trigger pain in the middle back.

Obstructive uropathy

This is another condition that affects the urinary tract. With this condition, urine backs up into the kidneys. It can be caused by blockage of the urerta where urine cannot flow from the kidneys into the bladder. The pain is usually felt on the side of the back where the affected kidney is located.

Non-hodgkin’s lymphoma

This form of cancer affects the lymphatic system. Some of the symptoms of this form of cancer include swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and fever. The swollen lymph nodes might press against the nerve endings in the spine causing pain in the middle back. This condition was the cause of death for the lead actor in the TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Andy Whitfield.

Polycystic kidney disease

This condition involves development of fluid filled cysts in the kidneys. An inherited disorder, some of the symptoms include pain in the mid back, fatigue and easy bruising of the skin.

The mentioned are just a few of the underlying health conditions which can be signaled by pain in the mid back. The pain is usually accompanied by a number of other symptoms such as fever and fatigue. It’s therefore usually advisable to seek medical help if you have such symptoms since it can easily mean the difference between life and death.

Learn About Second Degree Sunburn and Treatment Options

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About four months ago, I came across one of my high school buddies at the beach. The skin on his forehead was peeling off. Upon inquiry, he informed me that had suffered from sunburn as the skin was actually healing. “you should have seen me weeks ago. You’d have thought I was an alien due to the blisters.” He said jokingly as we headed for a shade to chat further. I found out that he had suffered from sunburn of the second degree after going out sunbathing without applying sunscreen. I had heard about sunburn before but didn’t take much interest in the topic until then. After doing a little research on sunburn of the second degree, here’s what I found.

Second degree sunburn

Sunburn occurs when harmful sun radiation damages living tissue such as the skin. It can occur in as little as 15 minutes if unprotected skin is exposed to the suns rays. The effects can be felt within 30 minutes where the skin turns red. Depending on the severity, the effects can continue to develop within a 24 to 72 hour period. It’s more likely to affect people with fair skin, freckles and, light colored eyes.

Sunburn of the second degree is more severe than first degree sunburn in that besides damaging the skin tissue, it also damages nerve endings under the skins surface. Some of the symptoms include the following.

  • Reddening of the skin usually within minutes of exposure
  • A sensation of extreme heat in the affected area
  • Pain and inflammation of the affected area even if its not touched
  • Swelling in the affected area
  • Blistering

As the condition advances, the affected person might experience dehydration, fever, vomiting and secondary infection.


The main way of preventing sunburn is to wear protective clothing. If going ensure that you wear clothes that cover most parts of your body including the arms. Wearing a hat will also protect your face and neck.

If sunbathing, it’s always advisable to apply sunscreen which protects your skin from harmful sun radiation.


Treating sunburn involves first aid and secondary treatment which can be performed at home. The following are some of the treatment options available.

The main first aid procedure is to cool the affected area. This can be done by applying a cold press or running cold water over the affected area. It’s advisable to avoid using ice for cooling as it might cause further damage to the nerves.

Ensure that you hydrate by taking plenty of fluids. Sunburn causes dehydration of the skin which is one of the body’s important organs. By taking plenty of fluids, you will ensure that the skin doesn’t dry out.

Apply vinegar for sunburn. Vinegar contains antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. As such, when applied to the affected area, it can help prevent infection and relieve pain. In addition, if applied soon, it can also prevent formation of blisters by balancing the pH of the skin.

Moisturize and cover the affected area. Besides hydrating, you should keep the affected area moisturized to prevent drying out. After moisturization, it’s recommended that you cover it with a bandage to prevent infection and promote healing.

Hanging Out Weekend

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I finally have a regular weekend off, thanks to my boss. Since then, I told Elsa that we could now always meet up at our usual hangout on Saturdays. We have been meeting up every Saturday and it is really fun that we now always have time to catch up on things.

This Saturday, I came to the coffee shop early because I wanted us to spend more time together. I am surprised to see Elsa come on time and she quickly apologized to me when she sat down. I am puzzled about what she was saying and she cleared that she is apologizing because she forgot to tell me that she invited Henry and his daughter, Jaime to come with us and hang. I laughed and I told her that it is okay. Since there are still not with us, I took time to ask her about the real score with her and Henry. She shared that they have been going out for the last few weeks. He even finds time to visit her at her dermatology clinic. She added that she still is not sure about where their relationship is going and the only thing that she knows is that she is enjoying her time with Henry and his daughter. I hugged my best friend and I told her that I want the best for her and I will always support her decisions.

Moments later, Henry and Jaime came and they said hi. Henry sat down Elsa and they look so nice together. I asked Jaime if she wants something because I will treat her. She hugged me tightly and she told me that she wants a crepe, so we went inside the coffee shop to get her order. As Jaime and I were waiting inside, she told me that they were late because she tried to feed her dogs with bananas. I laughed and I wondered if can dogs eat bananas. She told me that some of her dogs ate them, and some just ignored it. She told me that her dad told her that it could be very beneficial if their dogs would eat bananas frequently, because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals, including fibers. She is really a bright young kid. I asked her about what she is going to do with the dogs who did not eat bananas and she told me that she would try to feed them again and again until they eat them and we both laughed about her plan. I asked her if she also gives them vitamin pills and she told me that her dad gives them fish oil for dogs every other day. I asked her about the purpose of fish oil and she told me that it is for the dog’s overall health.

Jaime’s order finally came and we went out to our table. Henry noticed that Jaime is so fond of me and he told me thanks because his kid is quite picky with adults that she talks to. I told him that his daughter just needs someone who would engage her and Elsa agreed because she also does the same thing when she is with her and Jaime also loves her.

Can Stretch Marks Be Completely Eliminated?

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Its more than once that I’ve had people complain about stretch marks. Take this lady that was among a group of tourists that complained that her previous pregnancy had left her with many stretch marks that she couldn’t wear a bikini on the beach. Her story is shared among millions of women across the globe.

People with stretch marks will try anything to get rid of them. Some of these scars such as stretch marks on breasts are in prominent places that the woman has to keep covered up all the time. Given this fact, a multibillion dollar industry has sprung up providing all sorts of products claiming to get rid of stretch marks. But the question arises; can stretch marks be completely eliminated? Let’s take a look at this issue.

Stretch marks are basically scars that form under the skins surface. These are unlike normal scars which form when the skin breaks. However, like normal scars, they do factor in the fact that there is the separation of skin tissue even if it’s under the surface.

These scars develop when the body grows at a faster rate than the skin can handle. They are therefore quite common during the adolescent stage, pregnancy, obesity and bodybuilders.

In many cases, stretch marks will fade over time. There are other instances where the stretch mark is too large that it won’t fade. However, the stretch marks won’t completely go away. Either way, the affected person will try out every type of product to try and restore their skins original look. Most of these people won’t get the desired results and will most likely let the stretch marks be.

This however doesn’t mean that these products are ineffective. It’s just that stretch marks are scars and completely eliminating them might require a complex procedure such as surgery. But if the stretch marks can’t be completely eliminated, what can be an alternative?

A good alternative to trying to eliminate stretch marks is to make them less conspicuous as they fade over time. This might seem a hard thing to do but its not. Some of the creative ways I’ve seen people make their stretch marks less conspicuous include the following.

Placing a tattoo over stretch marks is one of the most creative ways I’ve come across. I’ve seen many people with tattoos in areas where stretch marks are likely to appear such as the belly. The artwork usually does a great job of drawing attention away from the stretch marks.

Makeup is another way of hiding away stretch marks. Finding makeup that’s similar to your skin complexion and applying it over the stretch mark will help to even out your skin tone.

In addition to making the stretch marks less conspicuous, you can also try to accelerate the healing process to ensure that the stretch marks fade away sooner rather than later. There are many good products out there containing vitamins and minerals which help the skin heal itself. In addition, readily available products such as aloe vera, lemon juice and honey applied directly to the affected area can also help accelerate the healing process.

About Nodular Acne and Treatment Options

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I have come across many people suffering from different forms of acne. Some a quite mild and tiny and the affected people usually don’t have to worry much about the acne. There are however severe cases where the affected persons life is negatively affected. I remember a time when I suffered from nodular acne. The nodule seemed to have just come out of nowhere and planted itself on the bridge of my nose. I was so stressed as I still had to go to work and face the embarrassment of meeting with countless people asking me what’s wrong. After trying a couple of treatment options, it finally went away. I won’t ever forget that episode as it provided me the opportunity to learn more about this condition.

Acne nodules

This is form of inflammatory acne and is one of the most severe. It develops when a pimple bursts under the epidermis releasing pus. This results in a large red inflamed nodule which is often very painful. The nodules usually develop if non inflammatory acne goes untreated and is allowed to further develop. The best time to treat this form of acne is when you notice it developing. If left untreated, it can result in scarring. It’s also advisable not to pop the nodule to release the underlying pus. This can cause scabbing and leave a scar on your skin. It also opens up a wound which is prone to infection.

Treatment options

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most common products used to treat different forms of acne. It’s found in most acne treatment creams and works by killing bacteria found inside the acne nodule. This helps to prevent further infection and further development of the acne nodule.

Retinoids which are derivatives of vitamin A are also great for treating acne nodules. Applied topically, they help to unclog the pores allowing for the trapped pus to dry out and allow for faster healing.

Salicylic acid peel is another treatment option for acne nodules. Applied over the nodule, it helps to unclog the pore allowing for the pus to dry out. The peel also prevents dead skin cells from sticking together and clogging the skin pores.

Besides over the counter drugs containing these ingredients, you can also treat acne nodules using home based remedies. They include the following.

Aloe vera is one of the top herbal remedies used to treat skin conditions including acne. It contains antibacterial properties which kill off bacteria in the nodule. Its anti inflammatory properties also help to provide relief from the pain. This plant also contains a blend of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the general health of the skin.

A mix of ginger and honey applied on the nodule can also help eliminate it. Applied topically, the ginger honey mix will help to unclog the pore, kill the bacteria and exfoliate dead skin cells.

A change in diet and eating foods rich in zinc and vitamins A, C and E will also help eliminate acne nodules as these vitamins and minerals are necessary for normal functioning of the skin.

The Break-Up

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It is a pity that Henry and Elsa’s relationship did not last long as I have thought. I used to think that he is the perfect man for my best friend, but what I did not know is that he is a very controlling boyfriend. I am so startled when Elsa told me about the break-up because I thought that they are having the time of their lives. I also added that Henry’s daughter became really close with Elsa and me and I am going to miss her dearly.

Elsa told me that she did not tell me about it for a few months back because she thought that it was just a phase when Henry became very jealous and an unreasonable man. She asked me if I remember the time when she cancelled three consecutive Saturdays that we did not meet. I told her yes and I have been a bit offended by it because I thought that she does not want to see me anymore because she already has a man in her life. She explained that it is the complete opposite because she was dying to meet and hang with me at the coffee shop, but Henry is so possessive of her. She even hinted that Henry is a bit jealous of me. She told me that she could not endure his attitude and personality anymore that is why she asked for a break. I asked her about how Henry handled it and he was so destructive that he went on smashing some stuff around his own house. She added that it was so frightening that her daughter Jaime cried so hard, that even made me think to get his daughter away from him, but she does not have the right to do so.

I asked my best friend about her plans and she told me that she does not have a choice, but to move on slowly. She shared that she still loves the man that she met on the pet shop, but she does not miss the man who he became. She is really mad at him because he made her think that he is a good man. I hugged Elsa and I told her that I am always here for her to talk even if we end up not sleeping and she smiled at me. She thanked me for always being a good friend.

Elsa added that Henry must be really like that because she learned that he is an only child, who has an only child syndrome, you can learn more about it at I am puzzled about what she is saying and she explained that only child’s are normally self-centered and possessive about the things that they have. I laughed and told her that he could not have had owned her because she has always been an independent woman ever since I met her when we were kids and she agreed. She shared that she has a trauma with men and she added that she really needs time to heal this time.

Causes of Scabs on Scalp

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Last month while walking along the beach, I came across a group of young tourists having fun. Although the group comprised around 10 people, one caught my eye. His head was partially shaved and I could notice a little scabbing on the scalp. From my perspective, the scabs were due to some form of skin infection given that they were spread across the scalp. Out of curiosity, I thought about researching on the possible cause or causes of scabbing of the scalp and a found quite a number.

Scalp folliculitis

This is an infection of the hair follicle. The follicle is the small pore from which an individual hair emerges. It results from bacteria or fungi multiplying within the follicle causing inflammation and infection. As such, the hair follicles appear as red pimples which can be filled with pus and or blood. The follicle might break by itself or through scratching to relieve the itching. Tiny scabs will gradually develop around the areas where the skin was broken as it heals.


Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that affects the skin. There’s no exact known cause of this condition only that the white blood cells suddenly attack skin cells causing them to multiply abnormally fast. The result is the development of red raised patches of skin that appear scaly. This condition won’t directly cause scabs on scalp. However, the inflammation can result in itching and breaking of the skin.

Oily scalp

Studies show that people with oily scalp tend to experience scabbing more than those with normal or dry skin. Although the oils won’t cause scabs, they provide the perfect breeding ground for fungi responsible for several scalp conditions including dandruff. These conditions usually cause an itch in the hair which can lead to breakage of the skin.


Although commonly affecting joints such as knees and elbows, eczema can also affect the scalp. This skin condition is characterized by development of thickened and extremely itchy skin. There isn’t an exact known cause for the condition. However, allergic reactions to certain chemicals and asthma have been linked to the development of the condition. In most cases it will go by itself.


This skin condition is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox and usually remains dormant in the body. It’s not common for this condition to develop on the scalp. However, if it does scabs can develop as a result. One symptom of this condition is the development of itchy blisters on the skin. If they break through scratching or combing, scabs will form as the skin heals.

Ringworm of the hair

This is the common name given to the condition known as tinea capitis. This is a fungal infection that usually develops in areas of the scalp where the skin is broken. Growth of fungi in this area can cause extreme itching and potential hair loss. Common symptoms include the development of round scaly patches of skin that are inflamed and at times filled with pus.

As seen with these named conditions scabs on the scalp are mainly caused by scratching and not the condition itself.

Pushing Myself Too Hard

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When I have my weekends off, I try to exercise as much as possible because I know the benefits that I could get with exercising. Last week, I got myself a new Nike Lunarglide and it really feels good on my feet. It is like walking without my shoes on. I am so excited to use it today because I plan to jog around our neighborhood in an hour and if I have more energy, I could also proceed to the gym down the block to lift some weights for muscle toning.

It is funny because my dog thought that I am going out with him. I told him that I could walk him later this afternoon and I just patted him on his head. I started walking around the block and when I got the hang of it, I gradually increased my speed. I really need to try exercising more because I ran out my breath in just a few minutes. I decided to endure what I was feeling, so I pushed myself to get more distance and then suddenly, I accidentally stepped on something that resulted me to have a left sprained foot. I limped my way into my house and some of my neighbors saw me. They asked me about what happened and I told them that I just got a sprain. They told me that I have to ice it as soon, as I get home because it would help to keep the swelling down. They also suggested that I keep my feet elevated after to keep my blood flowing. They even offered to carry me home and I told them thanks, but I could manage.

I am really glad about what my neighbors advised me to do because I do not have a clue about what to do with my injury. Fortunately, I have lots of ice cubes in the fridge, so I put them in a small bucket. It made me laugh a little bit because I remembered some of my friends at Facebook nominating themselves for the ALS ice bucket challenge. I put my left foot in the bucket and it is so cold. It just took me a minute to endure it because it is so painful. I am surprised that it is so painful. I really tried to endure the pain of having my foot inside the ice bucket because I am seeing the results, as the swelling is gradually coming down.

I tried to divert my attention from the pain, so I called my best friend, Dr. Elsa and I told her about what happened to me. She is worried andI told her that I am okay. I added that I would just sit on my comfortable couch the whole day with my dog. She asked me to stretch my body from time to time to prevent tingling feet because of less blood flow. She said that she is coming by later for dinner and she told me that she is going to bring me some pasta and some pain pills.

Never Resist the Urge

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I have been working so hard lately and I do not have much time for myself. With too much going on around for me, I do not even have pee breaks. I told my best friend, Elsa about it and she advised me to have time to relax and smell the flowers. She joked that I would be having more wrinkles than my grandmother has, if I do not change my work routine. I told her that I could not help it because I am really workaholic. She insisted that I take better care of myself because no one would and I agreed.

The next few days, I gave myself five minutes every hour for a pee break and what was weird is that I have a hard time peeing. It happened for three consecutive days and I am so worried about it. I tried not to call my best friend because she is going to be mad at me, but I know that she could help me about my condition. I was right as she kept lecturing me on the phone. She suggested that I get a consult with the on-board cruise doctor because she thinks that I have a urinary tract infection or UTI. I asked her about it and it normally occurs when someone does not mind his pee urges and she laughed. She still went on about what I did wrong and I acknowledge all of it that it is my fault that it happened to me.

I went to the clinic and fortunately, the doctor was not doing anything. I told him about my symptoms and he told me that it sounds like that I have a UTI. Since we are still on the cruise and he does not have the right equipment for a urinalysis. He asked me if I want to take medicines for UTI, even though we do not have the way to confirm it. I did not think too long because I am so desperate about my condition. He prescribed me antibiotics that I would have to take thrice a day for seven consecutive days. I thanked the doctor and went off to my own room.

It is day three of taking my antibiotics and I noticed that I have been gradually losing my appetite. I also noticed a funny metal taste in mouth, here is how the experts describe it at My pee already returned to its normal pattern and I am glad about it. I called Elsa right away and asked her if such symptom is connected with UTI and she told me that it could be a symptom of the medicine that I have been taking for my UTI. She asked me if I am sure if it is a metal taste or a sweet taste in mouth. I told her that I am really sure about it because it tastes like blood. She suggested that I go back to the doctor and tell him about what happened to me. I went back to the clinic to see the doctor and he told me that it is just normal. He apologized because he forgot to tell me about it. He added that it would gradually go away once I finished taking the course of my medicine.

A Guide to Bunions

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“I prefer wearing flat open shoes. At least they make these bunions less worse. They were actually recommended by my doctor after the bunions became unbearable when I wore tight shoes.” That’s part of a conversation I overheard from a tourist who was having a chat with a fellow traveler. What are bunions I wondered. I couldn’t see any problem with the tourist’s foot expect a protrusion at the edge of the big toe. I let the issue go and continued on my way.

However, a week later, I came across the same condition and this time, it was affecting one of my friends. He went on to confirm my initial suspicion regarding the protrusion at the edge of the big to and went on to educate me more on the condition. Here’s some of the stuff I learned.

What are bunions?

A bunion is a bone deformity that affects the joint between the first metatarsal and the big toe. The deformity is such that the big toe ends to point towards the other toes. It can also affect the small toe where it points towards or tends to ride upon the next toe. In this case, it’s called a bunionette or tailors bunion. Besides the protrusion of the edge of the big toe, symptoms such as inflammation and pain can accompany the condition.

What causes bunions?

Studies conducted that the main contributing factor for this condition is wearing ill fitting shoes. The study was conducted among cultures that don’t wear shoes and it concluded that they were less likely to suffer from the condition. Besides wearing ill fitting shoes bunions are also believed to be caused by conditions affecting the foot structure such as flat foot and tenderness of the tendons and ligaments connecting toe joints.

The bunion develops over time. This occurs when pressure is repeatedly applied on the affected toe over an extended period. It’s therefore recommended that the affected person wears proper fitting shoes as a way of preventing further development of the condition. But what are proper fitting shoes when it comes to preventing and managing bunions?

The best shoes for bunions

Some of the characteristics of the shoes to wear in order to prevent or manage bunions include the following.

First, the shoe should be wide enough at the toe box. Wide shoes will ensure that your toes aren’t squeezed against each other. Remember, wearing tight fitting shoes over an extended period of time is what causes bunions. So you can’t expect to develop the condition from wearing the shoes just once and wearing shoes that are wide at the front will go a long way in preventing the condition from developing.

Second, the shoe should have a low heel. High heel shoes tend to force the toes toward the end of the shoe squeezing them together. This increases risk of developing bunions.

Third, the shoe should be made from breathable material. That is, material that allows your foot to expand and contract with ease. Shoes made from natural material such as leather are recommended.

Top Cory Catfish for Your Aquarium

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While touring some British tourists around our beautiful country, one inquired about the fish species that can be stocked in aquariums from our waters. I provided a number of those that I knew about. However, he was more interested in the catfish species and in particular, the Cory species. We don’t have these species in our freshwater but there are a couple of catfish around. From then I became interested in the Cory’s. I have done some research in some of the top Cory species that are stocked in aquariums and they include the following.

Bandit Cory

This is one of the popular Cory catfish species you’ll find in aquariums around the globe. Its distinct black band that runs from each gill over the head and covering both eyes is the reason for its name. Some of the characteristics of this cat include the following. It’s native to Columbia and grows to 2 inches in length at adulthood. There’s therefore no need for catfish bait when catching it. The body is beige and all fins are colorless except the dorsal fin which has a tinge of black at the bottom.

This cat like most is omnivorous. Rather than scales, the body is covered with bony plates on both sides. It’s a peaceful fish that loves living in shoals and can live among other peaceful small to medium size fish in aquariums.

Panda Cory

As the name suggests, this catfish has body marking that mimics that of the great panda of china. Its body color ranges from white to pale pink. Black markings on the head covering the eyes, at the dorsal fin and at the rear tail make it similar to the panda. It grows to about 2 inches in adulthood and originates from Peru.

They are extremely peaceful fish and thrive well among other small to medium size fish species in aquariums. Considered scavengers, they can be fed on almost anything found in the catfish diets.

Skunk Cory

The skunk Cory is yet another catfish that derives its name from its resemblance to an animal. It originates from waters in the upper Amazon in countries like Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It also grows to about 2 inches in adulthood and is among the armored catfish.

Its body is white to gold in color. It also features a black stripe that originates from the mouth, runs through the eyes and arches along the back hence its name. One characteristic that makes this cat popular among aquarists is its ability to swim to the top for a gulp of air. However, this behavior is often associated with low oxygen supply in the aquarium rather than playfulness. Like other Corys mentioned, it’s a peaceful fish that thrives in shoals and can live among other small to medium size fish.

Three stripe Cory

This catfish originates from the Amazon waters in Brazil, Peru and Colombia. It grows to a maximum length of 2.5 inches in adulthood. It has a silvery body that’s covered in black spots. However, a distinct feature that differentiates it from other Corys is the narrow black stripe that runs from the lateral line from the gills to the tail fin.

Like the aforementioned catfish Corys, it likes living in shoals and will live peaceably among small or mid sized fish in the aquarium.

Unexpected Promotion

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I really love my boss, Mrs. Wegner because she also asks for her worker’s opinions and suggestions about how we can make our service better. She is really a joy to work with because she is a kind-hearted woman and is very easy to approach when you have concerns.

Last week, Mrs. Wegner asked me about how I am doing and I told her that I am so tired because I did not have a day off last week. She asked me why and I told her that the other tour guide was having some family problems, so he always has to be absent at the last minute and the burden goes to me. She apologized for it because she does not have any idea about what is happening around the cruise. She added that it is someone else’s job to let her know about the attendance. I am worried about what is going to happen to the man in charge of the attendance and she told me that I do not have to worry about it because no one is going to know that I am the one who told her.

The next day, Mrs. Wegner told me that she wants my input about getting a few more tour guides. She also told me that she is promoting me to a better position that suits me best. I am so surprised and thankful, but I told her that I still want to give out tours because it is my passion. She said that I would still be going on tours with our customers, but I am also going to be in charge of sorting and getting applicants. What she told me made me teary-eyed. I am so touched about it. She told me that I have long deserved a promotion because I have been working for them for many years and their company gives promotions and raises to deserving people like me. She told me that I have to plan about my recruitment process and she would come back to me after lunch.

I am so excited about my promotion, but I have to contain it because my boss wants me to make a recruitment process plan and I need to impress her later. With very little time, I logged on to the web and searched for effective ways on how to recruit. I stumbled upon a site about Myer-Briggs Indicator test or MBIT. I have read that many Forbes listed business companies have been using it to perfection. I read more about it and found out about that INFP relationships are the people suited more that we could hire as our photographers, musicians and artists at the cruise because they are service oriented, very creative and highly idealistic and our company would largely benefit from them. On the other hand, INFJ relationships are people who are caring, genuinely warm and very gentle individuals, which could be put into the positions of waiters, cabin cleaners, ushers and receptionists.

I hope that Mrs. Wegner would appreciate my plans and I promise that I would always do my best in everything that I do. I just really love my job.

Different Types of Kidney Stones and Home Remedies

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People have different reasons for going for vacation including taking time from work to just wanting to spend some money and see different places. I once came across a tourist who had a unique reason for travelling. He said it was a way of enjoying the pleasures of life after successfully getting treated for kidney stones. “What do kidney stones feel like?” I asked. “They’re like living in an unending painful nightmare. Those stones simply find pleasure in causing your body pain.” He replied. I knew he enjoyed a life free from these stones and the vacation added to the pleasure. My idea of kidney stones was somehow ignorant since I thought it was a stone you mistakenly swallow in your food and it ends up in the kidneys. Research into the condition shed more light.


A kidney stone is a crystal that forms in the kidneys. It can however be found anywhere in the urinary tract including kidneys, bladder, ureter and urethra. In most cases it goes unnoticed and drains out in urine. However, the stone can grow in size and can be the source of extreme pain.


There are four main types of kidney stones. Each is composed of high concentrations of a specific mineral.

Calcium kidney stones are the most common type. They are formed as a result of calcium combining with oxalate, phosphorus or maleate. Calcium oxalate stones are the most common type as oxalate is found in many vegetables. In addition, vitamin C is usually converted to oxalate in the body.

Uric acid kidney stones are another common form. It forms when uric acid is in high concentrations in the urine. It’s commonly associated to people with gout. Men are considered more likely to develop these stones than women.

Struvite kidney stones usually form where there is urinary tract infection. Women are considered to be at higher risk of developing these stones.

Cystine stones are associated to persons suffering from the genetic disorder called cystinuria.

Home remedies for kidney stones

Kidney stones can be easily treated from home. The treatment methods focus on increasing amount of urine produced and relieving pain. Some of the home treatment methods include the following.

Taking in a lot of water is recommended to increase the amount of urine you produce daily. The greatest risk factor of developing kidney stones is producing less than one liter of urine daily. This means that the urine produced is concentrated with minerals which increases chances of developing the stones. Drinking more water ensures that the urine is sufficiently diluted.

Including kidney tonics such as kidney beans, basil, uva ursi and dandelion root in your diet is another great way of relieving pain caused by kidney stones.

Taking foods rich in potassium such as bananas and watermelon will help neutralize calcium and magnesium kidney stones.

Take foods like nettle leaf as they act as natural diuretics promoting the flow of urine from the body.

In addition to this, your diet should include low amounts of calcium, animal protein, oxalate and vitamin C to prevent growth of any kidney stones present.

About Bunnies as Pets

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A colleague was asking for my advise about the type of pet she should own. Recently broken up with her boyfriend, she said that a pet would make a perfect companion for her. It would also help reduce the loneliness in her apartment. I don’t know what made me think about bunnies since I have never owned one before. But she was delighted and is now the proud owner of a Lionhead bunny. I didn’t know a lot about bunnies back then but after doing some research I found that they make excellent pets. Here is some of the information I found about keeping a bunny pet.

Bunny facts

Bunny breeds can be classified as a pure breed or cross breed. Pure breeds as their name suggests are offspring from a buck and doe of the same breed. Cross breeds on the other hand are offspring from two different breeds. Although pure breeds are commonly kept as pets, cross breeds are increasingly becoming popular. The reason for this is that breeders can be able to create a kit that has desired qualities such as size, coat and eye color. In addition, the cross can be less susceptible to certain diseases. However, majority of these cross breeds aren’t recognized by authority bodies such as the ARBA in America. In general bunnies are friendly, loving and active. There are however some breeds which prefer being left alone and tend to bite and scratch if they feel intimidated by your affection.


Bunnies come in different sizes and weights. The weight range is between less than 4 pounds for small bunnies to over 12 pounds for giant bunnies. The size of the bunny plays a huge role when deciding which one to own as a pet. small size bunnies although easy to maintain will work best in a home without children and other pets as they can experience rough handling. Larger bunnies make great family pets but will require more space requirements and have high maintenance needs.

The body of the bunny is covered with fur or wool. In instances of cross breeds, the bunny’s body can be covered by both.

Maintenance and care

Bunny front teeth are continuously growing. The food you provide should not only provide nutrients but also provide a means of filing down the growing enamel. If possible, you can provide a piece of wood that the bunny can gnaw on regularly to keep the teeth in check.

Your bunny’s grooming needs largely relies on the type of coat she has. Wool coats require regular grooming to prevent tangling.

You should always provide a diet rich in fodder such as hay and low in protein and fat since bunnies are naturally herbivores. In addition, always provide clean drinking water for your bunny to prevent incidences of diarrhea.

Like other pets, your bunny will need regular visits to the vet. In addition, vaccinations against common diseases that affect bunnies will be necessary.

The bunny is a highly active pet. You should provide enough space for exercise.

Bronchitis Vs Pneumonia

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Throughout my life, I’ve come across people who have experienced a cough. I’ve also been affected by cold or flu which produces a cough occasionally. There is however a friend of mine who was recently diagnosed with bronchitis. He had decided to visit a doctor after his cough didn’t subside after weeks of flu. Being a smoker, he was advised to stop smoking. At least he’s another of my buddies that aren’t smoking anymore. While discussing his condition, he informed me that the doctor had tested him for both bronchitis and pneumonia as both have similar symptoms. I thought about investigating about the similarities and differences between the two conditions and this is what I found.

Bronchitis vs pneumonia

Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchioles. These are the airways that connect the lungs to the trachea. The inflammation can be caused by different factors including viruses, toxins, dust and cigarette smoke as was the case with my friend. This condition usually follows a flu attack where the body’s immune system isn’t able to completely get rid of the influenza virus. Bronchitis can be acute or chronic. The difference between the two is the duration which the symptoms last. For acute bronchitis, the symptoms usually last for less than three weeks and usually resolve by themselves. In chronic bronchitis, symptoms usually last for months and it doesn’t have a cure.

Pneumonia is an infection of lung tissue. It’s usually more serious than bronchitis and is caused when infection of the bronchioles spreads to the lungs. There are two types of pneumonia. The first is infective pneumonia which is caused by either a bacterial or viral infection. The second is non infective pneumonia which is caused by inhalation of toxins and chemicals.

The symptoms of both conditions are more or less similar. The main symptom is a cough that’s usually accompanied by mucus. In severe cases, the mucus can be blood stained. Another symptom is shortness of breath due to the blockage of airways and lungs by mucus. Other symptoms include wheezing and fever.

Doctors will use several methods to differentiate between the two conditions. These include the following. First, the doctor will use a stethoscope to listen to the wheezing noise in the chest. Wheezing will either emanate from the bronchioles or lungs. Second, the doctor will take a sample of the sputum to identify the bacteria or virus causing the condition. Third, the doctor will take an x-ray to identify the location of the infection.

There are certain groups of people believed to be at the highest risk of developing these conditions and they include the following. Smokers are one of the high risk groups. Cigarette smoke irritates and gradually destroys the lining of the respiratory system. This exposes the bronchioles and lungs to infection. Persons regularly exposed to airborne toxins and chemicals are also at risk of developing these conditions. Another high risk group is persons with a weak immune system. These include those with HIV, diabetes, the elderly and people who are alcohol dependent.

A Look into Relationship Anxiety

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I was talking to a work colleague the other day. He looked so stressed of late and I decided to inquire into the cause. “I don’t think Stella and I are into each other anymore. The spark just isn’t there.” He said sadly. I had known them for about five years and thought they were one of the few couples that had the perfect relationship. Although not a relationship expert, I tried to offer some advice. My colleague was just anxious about his relationship with his partner.

I didn’t know what made him believe that his relationship was on the rocks so I did some research into anxiety in relationships. Here’s some of the stuff I found.


Relationship anxiety has many causes. Like other forms of anxiety, it can adversely affect your quality of life and your relationship with other people. Some of the causes of anxiety in relationships include the following.

One common cause of anxiety is being unsure about the future of the relationship. In such cases, one or both partners aren’t sure whether the relationship will work out in the future. There are many reasons why a person might feel that the relationship might not work out. These range from constant fighting to being apart for long periods and without constant communication.

Another common cause of anxiety in relationships is lack of trust in your partner. This is usually due to something your partner did that adversely hurt your feelings. Infidelity is one of the leading causes of such anxiety where the hurt partner isn’t sure if it will happen again. Other causes of lack of trust can be as simple as not delivering on a promise made.

Stress is another common cause of anxiety in relationships. Managing a relationship and your personal life can be stressful due to the demands from each. As such, the stress can cause anxiety whether you will be able to manage both in the future.


Anxiety in relationships has more or less similar symptoms like other forms of anxiety. Some of the common symptoms include insomnia, depression, being tense around your partner and shaking.

Managing anxiety in relationships

This form of anxiety can be managed through different ways. However, they way you decide to manage the anxiety will largely depend on whether you want to save the relationship or not. For people who want to save the relationship here are some tips.

Supplements for anxiety are a great way of providing relief to anxiety symptoms. Such supplements can be prescribed by a doctor or home based such as green tea.

Another way of managing anxiety in a relationship is deciding to start over again. If the spark in the relationship seems to be fading, you can suggest starting over again to your partner. Decide to start dating like you’ve just met and try out new things together.

If you want to save your relationship and have anxiety, being physically affectionate can help. It’s human nature to want to have someone to touch and be touched. If you become physically affectionate especially when you’re mad, your partner might reciprocate after they know even if you have differences, your relationship matters to you.