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Totally Baffling Disease

On August 12, 2015, Posted by , In Uncategorized, With Comments Off on Totally Baffling Disease

Ever since I had that sprained finger on my left hand from falling on the stairs while painting our roof, I have had the strangest thing on it. That same left hand started to develop feeling fingernails and I am a little bit scared because of it. Was it caused by the sprain that I had on that hand? Or was it from something else entirely?

It was only after a while that I noticed the peeling on my fingernails, thinking that it was only from rubbing it on something hard at first, or probably from my working on a car just recently. I thought it was just an abrasion or something physical in nature and not from a deeply seated thing, which I am bound to think about now.

I have got a big hunch that it has got something to do with the paint that I have been using as that is the only thing present in both of the cases I mentioned. Barring the sprain that I suffered from my fall, it was metal paint that I was using when I was painting the roof of our house and it was automotive paint that I used when painting the car.

Paint, as I know it, is a totally manufactured and unnatural thing that is loaded with many chemicals both big and small. Just from the smell of it, which can also be addicting already, you can already tell that it might not be good for you and your body.

One might get irritated or even be allergic to the touch of it and that might be what had caused my peeling fingernails. But I am wondering why it is only my nails that had been affected by it, and why only in one of my hands and not on both? Well I probably had touched the paint with both my hands as what you are bound to do when you are painting and stuff, okay, not when you’re using gloves that is. But still, why only in one of my hands and not on both? That apparently, is the big question of the day, and probably tomorrow too while we’re at it.

Just think about it, if it is in my system already and probably in my blood too, wouldn’t it affect everything it was supposed to affect? It should in theory, affect all the fingernails in both my hands, and probably all the fingernails in my feet too, as the same blood flows in all the areas in my body. It doesn’t flow to just one hand and call it a day right?

I know I probably have to pay a visit to the doctor to assuage all my fears about it, hopefully get a cure or something while we’re at it too. It can really become disconcerting when you have a problem like mine. You know what you are getting but don’t really know where it’s from. I’ll just keep you posted on whatever it is I am with, after my visit to the doctor, hopefully it’s nothing serious.