About Nodular Acne and Treatment Options

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About Nodular Acne and Treatment Options

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I have come across many people suffering from different forms of acne. Some a quite mild and tiny and the affected people usually don’t have to worry much about the acne. There are however severe cases where the affected persons life is negatively affected. I remember a time when I suffered from nodular acne. The nodule seemed to have just come out of nowhere and planted itself on the bridge of my nose. I was so stressed as I still had to go to work and face the embarrassment of meeting with countless people asking me what’s wrong. After trying a couple of treatment options, it finally went away. I won’t ever forget that episode as it provided me the opportunity to learn more about this condition.

Acne nodules

This is form of inflammatory acne and is one of the most severe. It develops when a pimple bursts under the epidermis releasing pus. This results in a large red inflamed nodule which is often very painful. The nodules usually develop if non inflammatory acne goes untreated and is allowed to further develop. The best time to treat this form of acne is when you notice it developing. If left untreated, it can result in scarring. It’s also advisable not to pop the nodule to release the underlying pus. This can cause scabbing and leave a scar on your skin. It also opens up a wound which is prone to infection.

Treatment options

Benzoyl peroxide is one of the most common products used to treat different forms of acne. It’s found in most acne treatment creams and works by killing bacteria found inside the acne nodule. This helps to prevent further infection and further development of the acne nodule.

Retinoids which are derivatives of vitamin A are also great for treating acne nodules. Applied topically, they help to unclog the pores allowing for the trapped pus to dry out and allow for faster healing.

Salicylic acid peel is another treatment option for acne nodules. Applied over the nodule, it helps to unclog the pore allowing for the pus to dry out. The peel also prevents dead skin cells from sticking together and clogging the skin pores.

Besides over the counter drugs containing these ingredients, you can also treat acne nodules using home based remedies. They include the following.

Aloe vera is one of the top herbal remedies used to treat skin conditions including acne. It contains antibacterial properties which kill off bacteria in the nodule. Its anti inflammatory properties also help to provide relief from the pain. This plant also contains a blend of vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the general health of the skin.

A mix of ginger and honey applied on the nodule can also help eliminate it. Applied topically, the ginger honey mix will help to unclog the pore, kill the bacteria and exfoliate dead skin cells.

A change in diet and eating foods rich in zinc and vitamins A, C and E will also help eliminate acne nodules as these vitamins and minerals are necessary for normal functioning of the skin.

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