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pupbelize.orgHi there everyone! My name is James Holden. I have lived in the beautiful county of Belize my whole life. My friends often called me by my nickname, “Pup.” I cannot imagine living in another county besides Belize. It is such a beautiful country and I am proud to be born and raised here. Although I do enjoy traveling to different counties and places but there is no place like home. Belize will always forever be my hometown! After High School, I started to work for a major cruise company to show people and visitors around our lovely country Belize. You better “Belize” it! I even took many English courses to have a better communication with my English visitors. All the tours that I have presented, I do my very best to immerse our visitors with all the knowledge of Belize. After attending my tour, one will learn many things about Belize that they have never realized before! I also hope by doing so, I can bring more visitors to Belize and create revenue for our country. It would definitely help local businesses when more visitors come and support Belize. Many people that live here are under poverty and barely can support their families’ day to day needs. This job actually means a lot to me and to be able to help my local community, it makes me feel really good.