Can Middle Back Pain Be A Symptom Of A Serious Health Condition?

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Can Middle Back Pain Be A Symptom Of A Serious Health Condition?

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I was reading a story recently on the internet concerning a woman who had suffered from bladder infection for most of her life. Now in her 40s, she has to empty her bladder using a catheter and her future is uncertain. The main reason why her condition wasn’t detected early is that it presented itself as middle back pain, like what they describe at As such, her every visit to the doctor only left her going home with pain relievers which didn’t address the underlying condition. This story is shared by millions of people who experience back pain which is symptomatic of an underlying health condition without knowing.

Pain in the middle of the back is usually associated with muscle strain and injury to the back. However, its advisable to visit your doctor if you have pain in the middle of the back since it can be a signal of an underlying and even life threatening condition. Some of the conditions tied to pain in the middle back include the following.

Kidney stones

This is a condition caused by the development of mineral crystals in the kidney. The kidneys can grow quite large and cause pain in the mid back. Other symptoms of this condition include pain in the abdomen and frequent urination which might have traces of blood.

Interstitial cystitis

This is the condition the aforementioned woman was suffering from. This condition affects the lining of the bladder slowly eroding it. It’s one of the conditions whose symptoms is back pain on the right side and constant urination.

Pancreatitis and cancer of the pancreas

These two conditions affect the pancreas where the latter involves inflammation of the pancreas to a point where it digests itself. Cancer on the hand involves abnormal cell reproduction in the organ. Besides these two, development of gallstones can also trigger pain in the middle back.

Obstructive uropathy

This is another condition that affects the urinary tract. With this condition, urine backs up into the kidneys. It can be caused by blockage of the urerta where urine cannot flow from the kidneys into the bladder. The pain is usually felt on the side of the back where the affected kidney is located.

Non-hodgkin’s lymphoma

This form of cancer affects the lymphatic system. Some of the symptoms of this form of cancer include swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and fever. The swollen lymph nodes might press against the nerve endings in the spine causing pain in the middle back. This condition was the cause of death for the lead actor in the TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Andy Whitfield.

Polycystic kidney disease

This condition involves development of fluid filled cysts in the kidneys. An inherited disorder, some of the symptoms include pain in the mid back, fatigue and easy bruising of the skin.

The mentioned are just a few of the underlying health conditions which can be signaled by pain in the mid back. The pain is usually accompanied by a number of other symptoms such as fever and fatigue. It’s therefore usually advisable to seek medical help if you have such symptoms since it can easily mean the difference between life and death.

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