Can Stretch Marks Be Completely Eliminated?

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Can Stretch Marks Be Completely Eliminated?

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Its more than once that I’ve had people complain about stretch marks. Take this lady that was among a group of tourists that complained that her previous pregnancy had left her with many stretch marks that she couldn’t wear a bikini on the beach. Her story is shared among millions of women across the globe.

People with stretch marks will try anything to get rid of them. Some of these scars such as stretch marks on breasts are in prominent places that the woman has to keep covered up all the time. Given this fact, a multibillion dollar industry has sprung up providing all sorts of products claiming to get rid of stretch marks. But the question arises; can stretch marks be completely eliminated? Let’s take a look at this issue.

Stretch marks are basically scars that form under the skins surface. These are unlike normal scars which form when the skin breaks. However, like normal scars, they do factor in the fact that there is the separation of skin tissue even if it’s under the surface.

These scars develop when the body grows at a faster rate than the skin can handle. They are therefore quite common during the adolescent stage, pregnancy, obesity and bodybuilders.

In many cases, stretch marks will fade over time. There are other instances where the stretch mark is too large that it won’t fade. However, the stretch marks won’t completely go away. Either way, the affected person will try out every type of product to try and restore their skins original look. Most of these people won’t get the desired results and will most likely let the stretch marks be.

This however doesn’t mean that these products are ineffective. It’s just that stretch marks are scars and completely eliminating them might require a complex procedure such as surgery. But if the stretch marks can’t be completely eliminated, what can be an alternative?

A good alternative to trying to eliminate stretch marks is to make them less conspicuous as they fade over time. This might seem a hard thing to do but its not. Some of the creative ways I’ve seen people make their stretch marks less conspicuous include the following.

Placing a tattoo over stretch marks is one of the most creative ways I’ve come across. I’ve seen many people with tattoos in areas where stretch marks are likely to appear such as the belly. The artwork usually does a great job of drawing attention away from the stretch marks.

Makeup is another way of hiding away stretch marks. Finding makeup that’s similar to your skin complexion and applying it over the stretch mark will help to even out your skin tone.

In addition to making the stretch marks less conspicuous, you can also try to accelerate the healing process to ensure that the stretch marks fade away sooner rather than later. There are many good products out there containing vitamins and minerals which help the skin heal itself. In addition, readily available products such as aloe vera, lemon juice and honey applied directly to the affected area can also help accelerate the healing process.

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