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Meeting Someone New

On July 14, 2013, Posted by , In Uncategorized, With Comments Off on Meeting Someone New

My best friend Elsa and I are hanging out at our favorite coffee shop sipping some hot lattes. We were talking about what happened to us for past few weeks because it has been a while since we have seen each other. Moments later, a pretty, young girl gave us a brochure and she said that there is a new pet shop in town and they have large discounts for the first 100 customers who would go in the shop. Elsa and I are a sucker for big discounts, so we got our coffee to go and went to the newly opened pet shop.

There were not so many people and we are glad that we do not have to squeeze in so much. We saw the pretty, young girl who gave us the brochures earlier and we said hi. A man came towards us and thanked us for coming. He introduced himself as Henry and he added that he is the owner and the dad of the young girl, who he introduced as Jamie. He suggested that we get a hold on their Siberian and American Shorthaired Cats because there are just a few of them in stock.

Elsa and I do not know much about cats, so we asked Henry to show us the cats and they were so cute and cuddly. Elsa asked him if she could touch them and he nodded. The cat seems to love Elsa and it made her buy one. Henry is so good enough to give Elsa a cage with no charge. I noticed that Henry is not wearing a wedding ring and he looks like that he is hitting on my best friend. I just ignored it because I know that Elsa has been feeling a bit lonely and I know that she needs someone to care of her besides me. I left Elsa with Henry and I browsed the shop with the pretty girl, Jaime.

pancreatitis in cats

Jaime told me that she is so excited to have a pet shop of their own because she loves animals. She shared that she has lots of cats and dogs in their home. I asked her where her mom is and she told me that she died after she was born. I am glad that she is not affected by the loss of her mom. She just continues to tell me stuff about cats. She shared that the most common diseases of felines are roundworms in cats and pancreatitis in cats. I am surprised that she knows her stuff well, so I asked her about which is worst of the two. Jaime thought for a second and she told me that she does not want her pets to have a pancreatitis because they show rare symptoms, while roundworms are easily diagnosed. She shared that her cat used to have roundworms and her pet vomited spaghetti like things. I asked her if her cat ate pasta and she said that it is the worms.

Henry saw that I have a long talk with his kid and he approached us. He told me that he is sorry that his kid is so talkative. I told him that it is okay and it is very refreshing to meet a kid like her who knows many things about cats. I looked at Henry and Elsa and they seem look good together.


About Yeast and Corn Allergy

On June 7, 2013, Posted by , In Uncategorized, With Comments Off on About Yeast and Corn Allergy

I once came across a tourist who had a unique diet. He seemed to avoid anything that had traces of corn in it. Since he was the friendly type, I asked about the reason why he avoided corn so much. Most people will avoid certain foods because of their religious beliefs or preferences. For his case, he was avoiding corn because he was allergic to it.

“I actually didn’t know about the allergy until last year when I just started vomiting after eating some corn. I thought it was food poisoning but my throat started swelling. It was a frightening experience although not as severe as some cases I’ve heard. Do you know that guy is allergic to yeast?” he continued with the conversation pointing to another tourist.

After that conversation, I was both shocked and surprised that someone can be allergic to corn and yeast. These are found in almost every baked food I know. I decided to look into these two allergies.

Corn and yeast allergy occur when the body mistakes these ingredients for invaders. As such, it releases antibodies like histamine to attack these “invaders”. The result is an allergic reaction whose symptoms include the following.

throat swelling

Swelling in the oral tract including lips, tongue and throat usually occurs minutes after taking a product that has corn or yeast. The swelling occurs as histamine tries to eliminate traces of these ingredients in the oral tract.

Gastrointestinal discomfort such as nausea, vomiting and bloating is another symptom that occurs as histamine is released into the digestive system. This is the body’s way of trying to get rid of the food containing yeast or corn.

The person might also experience fever. This is one of the body’s defenses as it tries to kill invaders as is seen when a person is sick. The fever can also be accompanied by fatigue and dizziness.

Another symptom of these allergic reactions is difficulty breathing. If the attack is quite severe, it can lead to a potentially fatal condition called anaphylaxis. Here, the respiratory system shuts down and the affected person might lose consciousness.

Over the years, reports of people developing these allergies have been on the rise. Although, there is no specific reason for this, a simple explanation can be derived from how allergies develop. An allergy is generally described as an autoimmune reaction where the body attacks an otherwise harmless substance. In most instances, the body’s immune system has already come across the said substance before.

Majority of the people that develop an allergy to corn or yeast have actually been consuming these products before developing the allergy. These two products are found in foods and beverages we consume daily and an allergic reaction can occur after consuming something as simple as bread. That’s why many cannot explain the sudden allergic reaction.

There’s little anyone can do to avoid allergy to yeast or corn since each individual is unique. However, taking foods which include these products sparingly can help reduce chances of developing an allergy.

My Newly Minted Nephew

On June 21, 2015, Posted by , In Uncategorized, With Comments Off on My Newly Minted Nephew

I can finally call myself a full pledged uncle after my sister just recently gave birth two months ago to her firstborn. It was a long time coming as my sister has been married for almost five years now. We were beginning to think that there was something wrong with her or probably her husband, because hard as they try, they can’t seem to produce a child no matter what they do.

But all of that is water under the bridge right now as they have got themselves a very wonderful baby boy for all their efforts. I know they are very happy to have such a miraculous baby boy and they are showing it every way they possibly can. Next month they are even planning to have a big bash for their baby’s baptism, and besides being a new uncle, I was also invited to become one of the boy’s godfathers, an honor that I will not let pass no matter what.

But before anything of that can happen, they had to first experience solving the baby’s first problem since he was born. You see my nephew has been suffering from constipation in newborns and both the parents, newbies at this thing, are flummoxed on how to treat the baby’s sickness.

I do not really have a say in the matter, but I was thinking that it is the milk that they had been feeding the baby that is the cause of all of this. Feeding babies infant formula is really not desirable specially the times closest to when they were born and breast milk is still always the best for babies for up to two years of age.

I tried to tell my sister this thing once but it may have got lost on her, as there were many of us who were constantly advising her about the matter. Everyone surely has got only the best of intentions for the baby but apparently the saying that “too many cooks spoiled the broth” is true on this one.

Thankfully they decided on visiting a doctor just recently to assuage whatever fears they had. The doctor just said to them that it is only normal for the baby to experience such things as the baby is still adapting to life outside the womb. The doctor also added that it might be better if they start feeding the baby from my sister’s breast instead of relying on infant formula alone.

So that was that and the celebration will continue as planned. My nephew even already exhibited baby growth spurts immediately when they switched to feeding him breast milk instead of formula. Everyone now is happy in anticipation of next month’s celebrations and that goes for me too obviously.

I just dream of the day when I too will have a child to call my own, and I just hope that I won’t be an old man before that finally happens. Well I better get a move on and find my ideal girl then, I suppose.

Totally Baffling Disease

On August 12, 2015, Posted by , In Uncategorized, With Comments Off on Totally Baffling Disease

Ever since I had that sprained finger on my left hand from falling on the stairs while painting our roof, I have had the strangest thing on it. That same left hand started to develop feeling fingernails and I am a little bit scared because of it. Was it caused by the sprain that I had on that hand? Or was it from something else entirely?

It was only after a while that I noticed the peeling on my fingernails, thinking that it was only from rubbing it on something hard at first, or probably from my working on a car just recently. I thought it was just an abrasion or something physical in nature and not from a deeply seated thing, which I am bound to think about now.

I have got a big hunch that it has got something to do with the paint that I have been using as that is the only thing present in both of the cases I mentioned. Barring the sprain that I suffered from my fall, it was metal paint that I was using when I was painting the roof of our house and it was automotive paint that I used when painting the car.

Paint, as I know it, is a totally manufactured and unnatural thing that is loaded with many chemicals both big and small. Just from the smell of it, which can also be addicting already, you can already tell that it might not be good for you and your body.

One might get irritated or even be allergic to the touch of it and that might be what had caused my peeling fingernails. But I am wondering why it is only my nails that had been affected by it, and why only in one of my hands and not on both? Well I probably had touched the paint with both my hands as what you are bound to do when you are painting and stuff, okay, not when you’re using gloves that is. But still, why only in one of my hands and not on both? That apparently, is the big question of the day, and probably tomorrow too while we’re at it.

Just think about it, if it is in my system already and probably in my blood too, wouldn’t it affect everything it was supposed to affect? It should in theory, affect all the fingernails in both my hands, and probably all the fingernails in my feet too, as the same blood flows in all the areas in my body. It doesn’t flow to just one hand and call it a day right?

I know I probably have to pay a visit to the doctor to assuage all my fears about it, hopefully get a cure or something while we’re at it too. It can really become disconcerting when you have a problem like mine. You know what you are getting but don’t really know where it’s from. I’ll just keep you posted on whatever it is I am with, after my visit to the doctor, hopefully it’s nothing serious.