Hanging Out Weekend

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Hanging Out Weekend

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I finally have a regular weekend off, thanks to my boss. Since then, I told Elsa that we could now always meet up at our usual hangout on Saturdays. We have been meeting up every Saturday and it is really fun that we now always have time to catch up on things.

This Saturday, I came to the coffee shop early because I wanted us to spend more time together. I am surprised to see Elsa come on time and she quickly apologized to me when she sat down. I am puzzled about what she was saying and she cleared that she is apologizing because she forgot to tell me that she invited Henry and his daughter, Jaime to come with us and hang. I laughed and I told her that it is okay. Since there are still not with us, I took time to ask her about the real score with her and Henry. She shared that they have been going out for the last few weeks. He even finds time to visit her at her dermatology clinic. She added that she still is not sure about where their relationship is going and the only thing that she knows is that she is enjoying her time with Henry and his daughter. I hugged my best friend and I told her that I want the best for her and I will always support her decisions.

Moments later, Henry and Jaime came and they said hi. Henry sat down Elsa and they look so nice together. I asked Jaime if she wants something because I will treat her. She hugged me tightly and she told me that she wants a crepe, so we went inside the coffee shop to get her order. As Jaime and I were waiting inside, she told me that they were late because she tried to feed her dogs with bananas. I laughed and I wondered if can dogs eat bananas. She told me that some of her dogs ate them, and some just ignored it. She told me that her dad told her that it could be very beneficial if their dogs would eat bananas frequently, because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals, including fibers. She is really a bright young kid. I asked her about what she is going to do with the dogs who did not eat bananas and she told me that she would try to feed them again and again until they eat them and we both laughed about her plan. I asked her if she also gives them vitamin pills and she told me that her dad gives them fish oil for dogs every other day. I asked her about the purpose of fish oil and she told me that it is for the dog’s overall health.

Jaime’s order finally came and we went out to our table. Henry noticed that Jaime is so fond of me and he told me thanks because his kid is quite picky with adults that she talks to. I told him that his daughter just needs someone who would engage her and Elsa agreed because she also does the same thing when she is with her and Jaime also loves her.

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