Never Resist the Urge

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Never Resist the Urge

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I have been working so hard lately and I do not have much time for myself. With too much going on around for me, I do not even have pee breaks. I told my best friend, Elsa about it and she advised me to have time to relax and smell the flowers. She joked that I would be having more wrinkles than my grandmother has, if I do not change my work routine. I told her that I could not help it because I am really workaholic. She insisted that I take better care of myself because no one would and I agreed.

The next few days, I gave myself five minutes every hour for a pee break and what was weird is that I have a hard time peeing. It happened for three consecutive days and I am so worried about it. I tried not to call my best friend because she is going to be mad at me, but I know that she could help me about my condition. I was right as she kept lecturing me on the phone. She suggested that I get a consult with the on-board cruise doctor because she thinks that I have a urinary tract infection or UTI. I asked her about it and it normally occurs when someone does not mind his pee urges and she laughed. She still went on about what I did wrong and I acknowledge all of it that it is my fault that it happened to me.

I went to the clinic and fortunately, the doctor was not doing anything. I told him about my symptoms and he told me that it sounds like that I have a UTI. Since we are still on the cruise and he does not have the right equipment for a urinalysis. He asked me if I want to take medicines for UTI, even though we do not have the way to confirm it. I did not think too long because I am so desperate about my condition. He prescribed me antibiotics that I would have to take thrice a day for seven consecutive days. I thanked the doctor and went off to my own room.

It is day three of taking my antibiotics and I noticed that I have been gradually losing my appetite. I also noticed a funny metal taste in mouth, here is how the experts describe it at My pee already returned to its normal pattern and I am glad about it. I called Elsa right away and asked her if such symptom is connected with UTI and she told me that it could be a symptom of the medicine that I have been taking for my UTI. She asked me if I am sure if it is a metal taste or a sweet taste in mouth. I told her that I am really sure about it because it tastes like blood. She suggested that I go back to the doctor and tell him about what happened to me. I went back to the clinic to see the doctor and he told me that it is just normal. He apologized because he forgot to tell me about it. He added that it would gradually go away once I finished taking the course of my medicine.

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