Pushing Myself Too Hard

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Pushing Myself Too Hard

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When I have my weekends off, I try to exercise as much as possible because I know the benefits that I could get with exercising. Last week, I got myself a new Nike Lunarglide and it really feels good on my feet. It is like walking without my shoes on. I am so excited to use it today because I plan to jog around our neighborhood in an hour and if I have more energy, I could also proceed to the gym down the block to lift some weights for muscle toning.

It is funny because my dog thought that I am going out with him. I told him that I could walk him later this afternoon and I just patted him on his head. I started walking around the block and when I got the hang of it, I gradually increased my speed. I really need to try exercising more because I ran out my breath in just a few minutes. I decided to endure what I was feeling, so I pushed myself to get more distance and then suddenly, I accidentally stepped on something that resulted me to have a left sprained foot. I limped my way into my house and some of my neighbors saw me. They asked me about what happened and I told them that I just got a sprain. They told me that I have to ice it as soon, as I get home because it would help to keep the swelling down. They also suggested that I keep my feet elevated after to keep my blood flowing. They even offered to carry me home and I told them thanks, but I could manage.

I am really glad about what my neighbors advised me to do because I do not have a clue about what to do with my injury. Fortunately, I have lots of ice cubes in the fridge, so I put them in a small bucket. It made me laugh a little bit because I remembered some of my friends at Facebook nominating themselves for the ALS ice bucket challenge. I put my left foot in the bucket and it is so cold. It just took me a minute to endure it because it is so painful. I am surprised that it is so painful. I really tried to endure the pain of having my foot inside the ice bucket because I am seeing the results, as the swelling is gradually coming down.

I tried to divert my attention from the pain, so I called my best friend, Dr. Elsa and I told her about what happened to me. She is worried andI told her that I am okay. I added that I would just sit on my comfortable couch the whole day with my dog. She asked me to stretch my body from time to time to prevent tingling feet because of less blood flow. She said that she is coming by later for dinner and she told me that she is going to bring me some pasta and some pain pills.

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