The Break-Up

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The Break-Up

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It is a pity that Henry and Elsa’s relationship did not last long as I have thought. I used to think that he is the perfect man for my best friend, but what I did not know is that he is a very controlling boyfriend. I am so startled when Elsa told me about the break-up because I thought that they are having the time of their lives. I also added that Henry’s daughter became really close with Elsa and me and I am going to miss her dearly.

Elsa told me that she did not tell me about it for a few months back because she thought that it was just a phase when Henry became very jealous and an unreasonable man. She asked me if I remember the time when she cancelled three consecutive Saturdays that we did not meet. I told her yes and I have been a bit offended by it because I thought that she does not want to see me anymore because she already has a man in her life. She explained that it is the complete opposite because she was dying to meet and hang with me at the coffee shop, but Henry is so possessive of her. She even hinted that Henry is a bit jealous of me. She told me that she could not endure his attitude and personality anymore that is why she asked for a break. I asked her about how Henry handled it and he was so destructive that he went on smashing some stuff around his own house. She added that it was so frightening that her daughter Jaime cried so hard, that even made me think to get his daughter away from him, but she does not have the right to do so.

I asked my best friend about her plans and she told me that she does not have a choice, but to move on slowly. She shared that she still loves the man that she met on the pet shop, but she does not miss the man who he became. She is really mad at him because he made her think that he is a good man. I hugged Elsa and I told her that I am always here for her to talk even if we end up not sleeping and she smiled at me. She thanked me for always being a good friend.

Elsa added that Henry must be really like that because she learned that he is an only child, who has an only child syndrome, you can learn more about it at I am puzzled about what she is saying and she explained that only child’s are normally self-centered and possessive about the things that they have. I laughed and told her that he could not have had owned her because she has always been an independent woman ever since I met her when we were kids and she agreed. She shared that she has a trauma with men and she added that she really needs time to heal this time.

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