Top Cory Catfish for Your Aquarium

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Top Cory Catfish for Your Aquarium

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While touring some British tourists around our beautiful country, one inquired about the fish species that can be stocked in aquariums from our waters. I provided a number of those that I knew about. However, he was more interested in the catfish species and in particular, the Cory species. We don’t have these species in our freshwater but there are a couple of catfish around. From then I became interested in the Cory’s. I have done some research in some of the top Cory species that are stocked in aquariums and they include the following.

Bandit Cory

This is one of the popular Cory catfish species you’ll find in aquariums around the globe. Its distinct black band that runs from each gill over the head and covering both eyes is the reason for its name. Some of the characteristics of this cat include the following. It’s native to Columbia and grows to 2 inches in length at adulthood. There’s therefore no need for catfish bait when catching it. The body is beige and all fins are colorless except the dorsal fin which has a tinge of black at the bottom.

This cat like most is omnivorous. Rather than scales, the body is covered with bony plates on both sides. It’s a peaceful fish that loves living in shoals and can live among other peaceful small to medium size fish in aquariums.

Panda Cory

As the name suggests, this catfish has body marking that mimics that of the great panda of china. Its body color ranges from white to pale pink. Black markings on the head covering the eyes, at the dorsal fin and at the rear tail make it similar to the panda. It grows to about 2 inches in adulthood and originates from Peru.

They are extremely peaceful fish and thrive well among other small to medium size fish species in aquariums. Considered scavengers, they can be fed on almost anything found in the catfish diets.

Skunk Cory

The skunk Cory is yet another catfish that derives its name from its resemblance to an animal. It originates from waters in the upper Amazon in countries like Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. It also grows to about 2 inches in adulthood and is among the armored catfish.

Its body is white to gold in color. It also features a black stripe that originates from the mouth, runs through the eyes and arches along the back hence its name. One characteristic that makes this cat popular among aquarists is its ability to swim to the top for a gulp of air. However, this behavior is often associated with low oxygen supply in the aquarium rather than playfulness. Like other Corys mentioned, it’s a peaceful fish that thrives in shoals and can live among other small to medium size fish.

Three stripe Cory

This catfish originates from the Amazon waters in Brazil, Peru and Colombia. It grows to a maximum length of 2.5 inches in adulthood. It has a silvery body that’s covered in black spots. However, a distinct feature that differentiates it from other Corys is the narrow black stripe that runs from the lateral line from the gills to the tail fin.

Like the aforementioned catfish Corys, it likes living in shoals and will live peaceably among small or mid sized fish in the aquarium.

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