Unexpected Promotion

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Unexpected Promotion

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I really love my boss, Mrs. Wegner because she also asks for her worker’s opinions and suggestions about how we can make our service better. She is really a joy to work with because she is a kind-hearted woman and is very easy to approach when you have concerns.

Last week, Mrs. Wegner asked me about how I am doing and I told her that I am so tired because I did not have a day off last week. She asked me why and I told her that the other tour guide was having some family problems, so he always has to be absent at the last minute and the burden goes to me. She apologized for it because she does not have any idea about what is happening around the cruise. She added that it is someone else’s job to let her know about the attendance. I am worried about what is going to happen to the man in charge of the attendance and she told me that I do not have to worry about it because no one is going to know that I am the one who told her.

The next day, Mrs. Wegner told me that she wants my input about getting a few more tour guides. She also told me that she is promoting me to a better position that suits me best. I am so surprised and thankful, but I told her that I still want to give out tours because it is my passion. She said that I would still be going on tours with our customers, but I am also going to be in charge of sorting and getting applicants. What she told me made me teary-eyed. I am so touched about it. She told me that I have long deserved a promotion because I have been working for them for many years and their company gives promotions and raises to deserving people like me. She told me that I have to plan about my recruitment process and she would come back to me after lunch.

I am so excited about my promotion, but I have to contain it because my boss wants me to make a recruitment process plan and I need to impress her later. With very little time, I logged on to the web and searched for effective ways on how to recruit. I stumbled upon a site about Myer-Briggs Indicator test or MBIT. I have read that many Forbes listed business companies have been using it to perfection. I read more about it and found out about that INFP relationships are the people suited more that we could hire as our photographers, musicians and artists at the cruise because they are service oriented, very creative and highly idealistic and our company would largely benefit from them. On the other hand, INFJ relationships are people who are caring, genuinely warm and very gentle individuals, which could be put into the positions of waiters, cabin cleaners, ushers and receptionists.

I hope that Mrs. Wegner would appreciate my plans and I promise that I would always do my best in everything that I do. I just really love my job.

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