Unexplained Pain

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Unexplained Pain

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It is already 7am and it is a workday. I woke up with itchy armpits and that is a sign that I need to take a bath. I laughed at my thoughts and then I tried to get up, but I had a hard time because I feel soreness on my back and some pain in right arm. I told myself that I would try to get up again in a minute, but I could not. I finally decided to call my boss, Mrs. Wegner about my condition and she understood where I am coming from. I told her that I would try to get up later for an appointment with a doctor. She wished me luck and she reminded me to take care of myself.

As I am lying in bed, I tried to remember what caused my condition and I really cannot. I thought to myself that I just got it because I have been working way too hard for the last few months. I badly need a long vacation and I just cannot wait about it because I already filed last week for a week long paid vacation leave for next month. It took me two to three times before I could stand up and I called my best friend Elsa about my condition. I asked her if she has time to pick me up and accompany me to the doctor because I could not stand up straight. She is so worried about me and she told me that she does not have any scheduled appointments after lunch. She added that she would pick me up and I thanked her. She also asked me if I already have eaten something. I told her that I did even though I did not because I do not want her to come instantly, because she still have obligations to her patients. Taking her afternoon off is already too much already, but I do not have a choice because I cannot make myself go to the hospital alone.

At exactly 12 noon, Elsa came with food and she let me eat first. She asked me if I have already taken a bath because I stink. I told her that I could not, so she just got me a wet towel to wipe my face, body and feet. She asked me if I could walk with her assistance and I told her that we could try. It was hard because I walked like a hunchback. It took me a couple of minutes before I could properly get into Elsa’s car.

We went directly to the hospital and she asked a hospital staff to kindly get me a wheelchair because I find it hard to walk. I told the doctor about the unexplained pain in my arm and my back. He told me that I need to get a blood test and if there are no findings in the blood test, I could also undergo MRI or CT scan. I am so worried about myself and I am glad that I have Elsa right here on my side.

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